2024-4 Meeting details

Files containing presentation slides are available when authors agreed to share their contribution.

Session 1: new materials

  • Sergi Dosta, SDT/Universitat de Barcelona, Spain: Novel intermetallic coatings produced by Cold Gas Spray
  • Markus Brotsack, Impact Innovations, Germany: Niobium alloy C-103 for high-performance space applications – using Cold Spray Additive Manufacturing PDF
  • Steven Camilleri, Spee3D, Australia: Corrosion behaviour of high performance cold sprayed maritime alloys
  • Siyuan Ruan, Trinity College Dublin, Ireland: Revolutionizing Materials in Additive Manufacturing: Exploring Copper-Graphene Composites with Cold Spray Technique

Session 2: new applications

  • Julio Villafuerte and Wally Birtch, CenterLine, Canada: Practical Implementation of Helium-Nitrogen In-Line Gas Mixing for Enhanced Cold Spray Performance and Cost Optimization PDF
  • Abdelwahed El Ghizlani, CRITT TJFU, France: A novel approach to assist transient liquid phase brazing by cold spray coating
  • Sudip Kundua, Amsterdam University of Applied Sciences, The Netherlands: Study of failure mechanism of Aluminum 6061- T6 cold spray repairs towards the development of a qualified cold spray repair methodology
  • Bertrand Jodoin, University of Ottawa, Canada: Smart Metal Matrix Composite Coatings for Erosion Protection of Rotary Blades and Early Defect Detection

Session 3: new developments

  • Ludovic Vitu, UTBM, France: Multi-material joining process using cold spray and laser texturing PDF
  • S. Koufis, Delft University of Technology, The Netherlands: Monitoring the Cold Spray Process: Real-time particle velocity and deposition quality monitoring through airborne acoustic emission analysis PDF
  • Javier Sánchez, CPT, Spain: Contribution to green hydrogen production cost reduction by cold gas spray additive manufacturing PDF
  • Ferdy Towen, Titomic Europe, The Netherlands: Medium Pressure Cold Spray developments at Titomic

Session 4: modelling

  • Ali Dolatabadi, University of Toronto, Canada: Modeling Cold Spray Additive Manufacturing: A Comprehensive Multiscale Approach
  • Alain Reiser, KTH Royal Institute of Technology, Sweden: Many-particle impact bonding with quantitative single-particle experiments PDF

Open discussion, led by Klaas Rozema (Titomic Europe)

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