2023-10 Meeting details

Files containing presentation slides are available when authors agreed to share and sent their contribution.

Session 1: Adhesion and surface topographies

  • Adhesion of cold sprayed soft coatings: effect of substrate roughness and hardness, Frank Gärtner and Alessia Bruera, HSU, Germany
  • New strategies using laser texturing to improve cold-sprayed coating adhesion, Sophie Costil, UTBM, France
  • Adhesion measurement of microforged Al6061 cold sprayed coatings with modified pin pull test, Sören Nielsen, HSU, Germany

Session 2: Laser heating / interface strength

  • How to improve soft particle adhesion on hard substrates in cold spray, Dominique Poirier, NRC, Canada PDF
  • Influence of laser heating on adhesion and coating properties in Laser Assisted Cold Spray, Andrew Cockburn, Laser Fusion Technologies, UK
  • An analytical methodology to determine the equipment requirements for adhesion in cold-spray, Luis Alonso San José, Universidad Rey Juan Carlos, Madrid, Spain

Session 3: Polymers / Internal cohesion

  • Cold spray of metal-PEEK powder mixture onto short carbon fiber reinforced composites, Patrizio Lomonaco, Mines Paris, France
  • Improving Cohesion of Particles of Cold Sprayed Materials by Heat Treatment, Rodolpho Fernando Vaz, CPT, Spain

Session 4: Additive manufacturing

  • Cold Spray Additively Manufacturing of Ti-6Al-4V, Jan Kondas, Impact Innovations, Germany
  • Quick spray parameter assessment by in-situ measurement of material deposition, Aline Creuz, Siemens, Germany
  • Battle Damage Repair and Restoring Critical National Infrastructure. Examples and Lessons with Applications for transfer into civilian industry, David McNeill, Spee3D, UK

Open discussion, led by Thomas Klassen

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