25th Club Meeting

25 September 2019

Cold spray and polymers

For its 25th meeting, the Cold Spray Club involved more than 50 participants from industries and universities. The meeting, in english for the presence of numerous international speakers and members, was focused on the theme “Cold Spray and Polymers” and was divided in two parts: “Innovative cold spray applications” and “Cold Spray and Polymeres”. 9 talks were given by speakers of various nationalities (Canada, France, Japan, Italy, Ireland). In the traditional session devoted to the technological monitoring, Maurice Ducos went through the most interesting articles published in the proceedings of ITSC2019. The meeting was closed by a thematic discussion introduced and led by Julio Villafuerte (Centerline, Canada) on the meeting theme “Cold Spray and Polymers”. At the end of the meeting (4.30 p.m.) a meet and mingle session started, helped by some typical french desserts.

More information available to connected members.

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