Cold spray at ITSC 2021

Thermal Spray 2021: Proceedings from the International Thermal Spray Conference

Engineering and Testing of TBCs, Bond-Coats, EBCs, and Abradables

MCrAlX (X = Y, Hf and Si) Bond Coats by Cold Spray for High Temperature Applications, Cristian V. Cojocaru; Maniya Aghasibeig; Eric Irissou, ITSC 2021; 36-43, doi:

Cold Spray MCrAlY Coatings on Single-Crystal Ni-Base Superalloys: A Substrate Perspective, Deliang Guo; Bertrand Jodoin; Linruo Zhao, ITSC 2021; 51-59, doi:

Research and Development of Protective Coatings for Aircraft Structural Parts

Cold Spray Sn Coating on the Carbon Fiber Reinforced Polymer, Jiayu Sun; Kenta Yamanaka; Akihiko Chiba; Yuji Ichikawa; Hiroki Saito; Kazuhiro Ogawa, ITSC 2021; 75-78, doi:

Cold Spray of Metallic Coatings on Polymer Based Composites for the Lightning Strike Protection of Airplane Structures, F. Delloro; A. Chebbi; H. Perrin; G. Ezo’o; A. Bastien; J. Ascani; A. Tazibt, ITSC 2021; 87-95, doi:

Characterization and Testing for Mechanical and Chemical Properties

Hybrid Additive Manufacturing Technology—Induction Heating Cold Spray, R. Ortiz-Fernandez; B. Jodoin, ITSC 2021; 107-114, doi:

Cold Spray Metals, Ceramics, and Metal Matrix Composite Coatings

Mechanical and Fatigue Properties of Diamond Reinforced Cu and Al Metal Matrix Composites Prepared by Cold Spray, O. Kovarik; J. Cizek; S. Yin; R. Lupoi; M. Janovska; J. Capek; J. Siegl; T. Chraska, ITSC 2021; 131-138, doi:

Investigation of Agglomerated and Porous Ceramic Powders Suitable for Cold Spray, Geoffrey Celeste; Vincent Guipont; Djamel Missoum-Benziane, ITSC 2021; 139-146, doi:

Influence of the Low-Pressure Cold Spray Operation Parameters on Coating Properties in Metallization of Ceramic Substrates Using Copper and Aluminum Composite Powder, Minjae Yu; Hiroki Saito; Chrystelle Bernard; Yuji Ichikawa; Kazuhiro Ogawa, ITSC 2021; 147-152, doi:

Cold Sprayed Tungsten Armor for Tokamak First Wall, Jan Cizek; Monika Vilemova; Frantisek Lukac; Martin Koller; Jan Kondas; Reeti Singh, ITSC 2021; 153-156, doi:

Effect of Secondary Component Properties when Cold Spraying Mixed Metal Powders on Carbon Fiber Reinforced Polymers, Andre C. Liberati; Hanqing Che; Stephen Yue; Phuong Vo, ITSC 2021; 157-166, doi:

Cold Spray Technology for Oxidation-Resistant Nuclear Fuel Cladding, Tyler Dabney; Hwasung Yeom; Kyle Quillin; Nick Pocquette; Kumar Sridharan, ITSC 2021; 167-170, doi:

Cold Spray Deposition of Heat-Treated Inconel 718 Powders, Lorena Perez; Jake Colburn; Luke N. Brewer; Michael Renfro; Tim McKechnie, ITSC 2021; 171-176, doi:

Metallurgical Approach for the Development of Heat Treatment Applied to 316L Stainless Steel Cold Spray Coatings, Laury-Hann Brassart; Anne-Françoise Gourgues-Lorenzon; Jacques Besson; Francesco Delloro; David Haboussa; Gilles Rolland, ITSC 2021; 177-188, doi:

Powder Impact Temperature Influence on Metallurgical Bonding—An Investigation for Soft Particle Deposition on Hard Substrate, A. Nastic; B. Jodoin; D. Poirier; J.-G. Legoux, ITSC 2021; 189-196, doi:

Effect of Heat Treatment on Residual Stress of Cold Sprayed Nickel-Base Superalloys, Deepika Shrestha; Fardad Azarmi; X.W. Tangpong, ITSC 2021; 197-202, doi:

Effect of Pre-Treatment on Substrates for Metal Coatings Fabricated by Low Pressure Cold Spray Technique, Hiroki Saito; Hiroaki Ebihara; Yuji Ichikawa; Kazuhiro Ogawa, ITSC 2021; 203-208, doi:

Wear and Corrosion Behavior of Cold Gas Sprayed Stainless-Steel Coatings Using Solution-Hardened AISI 316L Powder, Thomas Lindner; Pia Kutschmann; Maximilian Grimm; Martin Löbel; Jochen Fiebig, ITSC 2021; 209-213, doi:

Cold Spray Processing, Simulation, and Particle Impact

Spray Pattern of Aluminum Coatings with the Rectangular Cross-Section Nozzle Calculated by the Computational Fluid Dynamics (CFD) in High-Pressure Cold Spray, Kazuhiko Sakaki; Tomiki Tsubata; Hikaru Isogami; Koki Matsuda, ITSC 2021; 214-220, doi:

Parametric Redesign of a Convergent-Divergent Cold Spray Nozzle, Florentina-Luiza Zavalan; Aldo Rona, ITSC 2021; 221-228, doi:

Computational and Experimental Analysis of the Phenomenological Gas Flow Behavior and Particle Kinematics During Low Pressure Cold Spraying, Rija Nirina Raoelison; Libin Lalu Koithara; Sophie Costil, ITSC 2021; 229-234, doi:

A Novel Modeling Method to Study the Oxide Layer Effect on Metallic Bonding in Cold Gas Dynamic Spray Process, Saeed Rahmati; Bertrand Jodoin; R.G.A. Veiga; A. Zúñiga, ITSC 2021; 235-240, doi:

Adhesion Strength Improvement by Laser Surface Texturing of Metallic Repair Coatings Deposited by Cold Spraying, R. Kromer; R.N. Raoelison; Y. Danlos; C. Verdy; S. Costil; H. Liao, ITSC 2021; 241-246, doi:

Strengthening Mechanism of Additively Manufactured Cold Spray Al Deposits under Low Deposition Efficiency, Ningsong Fan; Richard Jenkins; Pengfei Yu; Rocco Lupoi; Shuo Yin; Jan Cizek, ITSC 2021; 247-255, doi:

Strain Gradient Plasticity Modeling to Evaluate Material Plastic Deformation Behavior During Cold Gas Dynamic Spray Process, D. Dzhurinskiy; S. Dautov; P. Shornikov; I. Sh. Akhatov, ITSC 2021; 256-260, doi:

Study of the Effect of Thickness on the Residual Stress Profile of a Cold Spray Coating by Finite Element Analysis, Felipe Torres; Ruben Fernandez, ITSC 2021; 261-267, doi:

Enhanced Antibacterial Properties of Copper Surfaces Using Cold Spray Shot Peening, Maryam Razavipour; Naveen Singh; Bertrand Jodoin; Mayte Gonzalez; Emilio Alarcon; Julio Villafuerte, ITSC 2021; 268-273, doi:

Materials and Technology

Aerosol Deposition of Ti3SiC2-MAX-Phase Coatings, Andreas Elsenberg; Frank Gärtner; Thomas Klassen, ITSC 2021; 340-345, doi:

Molecular Dynamics Simulations of Titanium Dioxide as Model System for Size Effects in Aerosol Deposition, Bahman Daneshian; Frank Gaertner; Wolfgang Weber; Thomas Klassen; Hamid Assadi; Daniel Hoeche, ITSC 2021; 354-359, doi:

Modeling and Simulation

Peridynamic Simulation of Particles Impact and Interfacial Bonding in Cold Spray Process, Baihua Ren; Jun Song, ITSC 2021; 396-401, doi:

Numerical Simulation of Solid Ti6AI4V Particles Impinging on a Stainless-Steel Substrate at High Speed: Influence of the Particle Temperature, P. Khamsepour; C. Moreau; A. Dolatabadi, ITSC 2021; 402-409, doi:

New Coatings Materials Development

Electrical Properties of Half Heusler Coatings Depending on Spray Process, Geoffrey Darut; Axel Portebois; Ludovic Vitu; Marie Pierre Planche; Hanlin Liao; Shantanu Misra; Christophe Candolfi; Bertrand Lenoir, ITSC 2021; 422-430, doi:

Automotive, Rail, Heavy Equipment, and Marine Industries

Fabrication of Cavitation Erosion Resistant Bronze Coatings by Thermal and Kinetic Spraying for Maritime Applications, M. Hauer; F. Gärtner; S. Krebs; T. Klassen; M. Watanabe; S. Kuroda; W. Krömmer; K.-M. Henkel, ITSC 2021; 553-560, doi:

Development of Metal-Ceramic-Lubricant Composite Coatings Obtained by Cold Spray for Tribological Applications in the Automotive Industry, G. Garcin; F. Delloro; M. Jeandin; J-F. Hochepied; C. Grente; E. Bidault; S. Boutet; M. Jousset; E. Bonay; G. Rivaud; A. Denoirjean; J-C. Abry; G. Bouvard; T. Malhomme; V. Fridrici, ITSC 2021; 561-568, doi:

Biomedical Applications

Development of 45S5/PEEK Bioactive Coatings by Cold Gas Spray for Orthopedic Implants, B. Garrido; V. Albaladejo-Fuentes; I.G. Cano; S. Dosta, ITSC 2021; 578-584, doi:

Cold Spray and Cold Spray Additive Manufacturing

Qualification of the Low-Pressure Cold Gas Spraying for the Additive Manufacturing of Copper-Nickel-Diamond Grinding Wheels, W. Tillmann; J. Zajaczkowski; I. Baumann; C. Schaak; D. Biermann; M. Kipp, ITSC 2021; 590-595, doi:

Laser Assisted Cold Spray for Improved Adhesion of Soft Materials to Hard Substrates—Case Study for Copper Coatings on Steel, Jean-Gabriel Legoux; Bruno Guerreiro; Dominique Poirier; Jason D. Giallonardo, ITSC 2021; 596-602, doi:

Novel Powder Modification Method for the Cold Spray of Hard Steels, D. Poirier; Y. Thomas; B. Guerreiro; M. Martin; M. Aghasibeig; E. Irissou, ITSC 2021; 603-610, doi:

Hybrid Metallic Coatings on Polymer-Based Composites, Panteha Fallah; Stephen Yue; André McDonald, ITSC 2021; 611-615, doi:

Tribological Properties of Cold Gas Spraying FeMnCrSi Alloy, Rodolpho F. Vaz; Sergi Dosta; Irene G. Cano; Anderson G.M. Pukasiewicz, ITSC 2021; 616-622, doi:, Cold Spray Process to Combat Potential Stress-Corrosion Cracking in Used Nuclear Fuel Storage Canisters, Nicholas Pocquette; Hwasung Yeom; Hemant Agiwal; Frank Pfefferkorn; Kumar Sridharan; Kenneth Ross; John Kessler; Gary Cannel, ITSC 2021; 623-626, doi:

Combined Laser Shock and Micro-Compression Approach to the Mechanical Behavior of Powders for Cold Spray, H. Durand; L. Lacourt; J.-C. Teissedre; F. Delloro; A. Thorel; I. Lahouij; F. Lavaud; X. Clausse, ITSC 2021; 627-634, doi:

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