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July 2, 2021

The COLD SPRAY CLUB concerns laboratories, technology transfer centers and industrial companies (manufacturers and end-users) interested in the cold spray process. Such a solid-state deposition technique is nowadays one the leading thermal spray processes bringing to innovative applications. The cold spray process was undoubtfully growing in recent years because it offers the possibility of depositing metals (possibly mixed with other materials) in dense and thick layers, preserving the purity of sprayed powders. Its potential for the additive manufacturing industry is also recognized. These characteristics, combined with the commercialization of robust industrial equipment to be fully integrated in a production line, explain the keen interest in many industrial sectors (aerospace, biomedical, energy, repair, …). Elementary mechanisms of the cold spray process and their to powder characteristics are key concerns for researchers involved in the Cold Spray science.

The mission of the Club is to expose and address issues related to understanding the process and analysing materials made by this new manufacturing route. To this aim, the Club proposes active exchanges through oral presentations and panel group discussions with members during Club meetings (about 2 per year) and to promote the worldwide networking of academic and industrial members. Literature review and technological survey has been conducted since 2006 and available on the Club website in member restricted area. This privileged space also provides access to presentations and videos.

Organizers: F.Delloro, V.Guipont

Thanks: Valerie Mounoury (Web designer and Webmaster)

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