Second Meeting 2006

16 November 2006

On 16 november 2007 a second meeting took place in PAris (Mines Paris, Luxembourg site). 25 participants were attending this meeting and several presentations were gicin by actors in the fiel of Cold Spray Technology and research (M. Jahedi/CSIRO) (Y. Ichikawa/ Tohoku University) (F. Raletz / CRITT M2T) (M. Gindrat/Sulzer Metco) (S.Guetta, S.Rolland/Ecole des Mines). Detailed summaries about the HVOF07 conference (Germany) and the European University organised by colleagues of ENISE in Saint Etienne (France) were given . All presentations are now on line for club’s members. It also concerns the resulst of the Liason Program of the COLD SPRAY CLUB.

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