Second 2012 meeting

25 June 2012, Paris

This meeting in the beginning of the summer period was held not far fromSchool of Mines at the hall of residence for students or “Maison des Mines”. The success was there for this nex COLD SPRAY CLUB meeting with a considerable participation of colleagues from foreign countries both scientists and industrialists. Thus, a compact arrangement of participants within the conference room was necessary but nicely figured what could be expected for an ultra-dense cold spray coatings ;-)! The presentations of members and guests gave us the opportunity to have a detailed and updated survey on new technological developments and on cold spray equipements that are supplied nowdays. In addition, we had the pleasure to follow the talks from two colleagues from Japan (Prof. K.Ogawa, U Tohoku about oxidation behaviour of MCrAlY by cold spray et Dr M.Yamada, U. Toyohashi with a review about thick TiO2 coating by cold spray and splat adhesion measurement). This nice meeting was opened by a plenary talk by Mrs M. JAhedi, the distinguished representative of the Australian CSIRO. Mrs Jahedi shared with us the numerous RD actions and innovations coming from her laboratory in collaboration with the australian industry. She introduced the newly founded institution in collaboration with CSIRO called the “Victorian Direct Manufacturing Technology Centre”.

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