First 2011 meeting

24 May 2011, Paris

The COLD SPRAY CLUB is entering its 6th year exercise and the first annual meeting has been held succesfully in Paris as it is now the habit! The 25 participants of this meeting have been hosted just below a typical metallic/glass composite roof on the 3rd floor of the « 60 Boulevard Saint Michel » building to follow the very interesting scientific talks given by members. News of conferences have been given and escpeciallay about the summer school on cold spray by CPT in Barcelona in June 2011. C2P also will organize EUCOSS’11, a 1-day international symposium on COLD SPRAY (16 Sept 2011 – Paris), possibly in junction with the next COLD SPRAY CLUB meeting. We were happy to have colleagues from foreign countries (Singapore, Germany, Italy, Belgium) and we would like to warmly thank them for their presentations. Some of these talks will be presented to the next ITSC 2011, a kind of festival preview only for members!

More information available to connected members.

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