First 2010 meeting

4 June 2010

New service exercice for the COLD SPRAY CLUB with its 2010 vintage! The first annual meeting was held in Paris in Mines ParisTech Headquarters with more than 20 attendees involving 4 guests from labs and industries both in France and Germany. The meeting content was dense as evidenced by the quality of the presentations and the numerous questions that raised up during the meeting. Therefore, from actual and new industrial cases of the cold spray process and scientific results about advanced characterizations (residual stresses in particular with work by CIVEN and CNRC club members), the information was sound and relevant. This informative role of the club was also achieved through the detailed survey about the latest developements on cold spray that were shown during the last ITSC Conference held in Singapore from 3 to 5 May 2010, and gently gathered and commentated by M.Ducos.

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