30th club meeting – Barcelona, Spain

April 25-27, 2024

New materials and new applications for the cold spray process

The Cold Spray Club celebrated its meeting number 30 in the wonderful city of Barcelona, in Spain. Local organization was assured by Sergi Dosta and Camila Barreneche Guerisoli (SDT/Universitat de Barcelona). A warm thanks to them! In the first day, we gathered at the Helmut-Schmitt University around 2 pm. Nearly 50 members were present. After a welcome coffee, we have been divided into four groups for the visit of the laboratories. We spent then a great night at the ÜberQuell Brewery. The second day was entirely dedicated to the technical program. About 55 members from industries and universities participated to this meeting, focused on new materials and new applications for the cold spray process. 14 presentations were given by speakers of various nationalities. After the presentations, an open discussion forum has been led by Klaas Rozema (Titomic Europe) on the theme of the day.

A special thanks to our sponsors: Impact Innovations, Spee3D, Centerline, Titomic Europe et Indo-MIM.

More pictures are available at this link.

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